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Crossbody Bags

Something different, every day.

Glamour Stitch has one of the best collection for women's crossbody bags. Designed specifically to be comfortable and stylish. Contains enough space to carry all your everyday essentials. Available in many different kinds of materials to fit your style.
Quilted Weave Crossbody Flap Bag With ChainQuilted Weave Crossbody Flap Bag With Chain
Quilted Weave Crossbody...
£29.00 £58.00
Hand Woven Rattan Style Circle Shoulder BagHand Woven Rattan Style Circle Shoulder Bag
Hand Woven Rattan...
£30.00 £60.00
Crocodile Leather Crossbody Cell Phone BagCrocodile Leather Crossbody Cell Phone Bag
Crocodile Leather Crossbody...
£17.50 £35.00
Wicker Crossbody BagWicker Crossbody Bag
Wicker Crossbody Bag
£32.50 £65.00
Wild Crack Crossbody BagWild Crack Crossbody Bag
Wild Crack Crossbody...
£19.00 £38.00
Luxury designer rhinestone bucket crossbody bagLuxury designer rhinestone bucket crossbody bag
Luxury designer rhinestone...
£54.00 £77.79
Rattan Straw Mini Crossbody BagRattan Straw Mini Crossbody Bag
Rattan Straw Mini...
£32.00 £65.00
Pearl Bee Crossbody BagPearl Bee Crossbody Bag
Pearl Bee Crossbody...
£25.00 £50.00
Acrylic Clear Crossbody PurseAcrylic Clear Crossbody Purse
Acrylic Clear Crossbody...
£22.00 £44.00
Faux Fur Crossbody BagFaux Fur Crossbody Bag
Faux Fur Crossbody...
£24.00 £48.00
Soft Leather Retro Crossbody BagSoft Leather Retro Crossbody Bag
Soft Leather Retro...
£25.00 £50.00
Bee Leather Sling Crossbody BagBee Leather Sling Crossbody Bag
Bee Leather Sling...
£32.00 £58.00
Crossbody Bag with TasselsCrossbody Bag with Tassels
Crossbody Bag with...
£22.00 £44.00
Top Handle Crossbody BagTop Handle Crossbody Bag
Top Handle Crossbody...
£25.00 £50.00
Lion Head Crossbody BagLion Head Crossbody Bag
Lion Head Crossbody...
£30.00 £48.00
Designer Denim Chain Crossbody BagDesigner Denim Chain Crossbody Bag
Designer Denim Chain...
£35.00 £70.00